The post is not about a great success followed by a series of grief.Its all about the good aspects of pain.Yes,the resonant of all my pains were strong in one or another way!
Let me recall in one of my diary entry I've scribbled that the pains are recovery from the usual clutches of our life!Believe me,pains really give you a relief from your daily tensions.Wondering how! Here comes.....
Usually when I feel I'm in trouble I just make a lightening shots to my past few days to spot what my negative approach was.And ofcourse, if your attempt was volunterely you would definitely find one.Because always there are some trouble makers behind every pains.And what does people do if they get such trouble-makers,certainly they will try to change the things better,or they must try to change!
And thats it!If pains help you to change and reform you to another...that is everything!Obviously there are two sides for a coin,thus our pains too 've!
If you agree with my idea ,BE READY TO WELCOME YOUR PAINS,,,othervise please do post your comments.
Good Luck !!!

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