I am in Love

One can watch a long gap between my last post and this one. Actually for these months I was living with a dead mind. The reason for this may appear foolish and silly to you, but it’s not for me. Even I realized the fact just on those deadly days.

Everyone who live and die within letters and words will surely have a soul mate to which they expose themselves. Though I am not a die hard reader or writer, I love letters and I kept a soul mate of my own. He was a 2 hundred page notepad who served me and my thoughts. His pages caressed my lines and thoughts much. He listened my utter blunders with no defies. I filled his heart with thousands of words which savored both virtuous and vice-versa, and I was truly in love with him…..!!!

But the moment I discovered I lost him, I was out of hand. I became a puzzled soul and felt like I had nothing to do in the world. I remorse for being too careless and cursed the days of camp where I lost my notepad. I named myself a hapless. My life was at stake and everything at a halt. I neither read nor wrote a single word…but waited for my vacation…WHY….!!!

Now I am back , with two months effort  I brought up a another soul mate for me…What helped me was my obstinacy….!!! Why put down my quill ….now my hopes are soaring up and I put all the vigor to revive my mind which was deadbeat once. And the only means for it is READING….just reading!!!

Someone may be keeping my old note now, without knowing it’s the soul mate of a meek girl….but I am glad enough to wish my notes a colorful life…..!!!

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