7 Random & Tandom facts About Me(H) . . . !

[ I wonder wheather I have any....!!! Lets look out....]

The only one word which can describe my thoughts the moment I saw the Stylish Blogger Awarded to me from Nishana shared with many was -ZESTful !!! And the next turn was that for WONDER because when my baby-blog was just an year I was feeling like giving up !! But the Almighty of We Bloggers wanted me to stay on and was planning something on my Ly-ed Truths and then about my Ly-ed Life too !!!

So here I am rolling down the red carpet for the first award that rushed in to my blog-dom !!!
[ Here lits up the Spotlights n here rise up the Claps ! ]
Thanks sissy Nishana for giving me a hand to soar up and having created a volte-face in me !!! :-)
[I always needs a hand to get revived and the toughest part is they often get me down too....But still alive on ma guts...! ] [ What A Me!!! ]

So as a Rule-Abider always , here goes the 7 R & T facts...

1. Aged 18 , but still a beginner myself ! I never know what living one's Life to itz hilt is all about [because I have never seen one doing it !] but -away from the band wagon - is ma keyword '' Let Me Try " !!!

2. No craze for (traditional) feminist icons - ornaments-make up's-trends-fancies-gold- But STILL A GIRL [or WOMAN - I prefer!!!]

3.They call Me bookish-But I call them fools ![ Books are all about someones thoughts - simply thoughts - If so all are bookish [because everyone have thoughts] But I dare to know more about that of strangers ! 

4.A best friend for all the haunted ghosts,spectres and souls all over the world ! :) 
[ World would be damned with manliness ( I wonder something like that still exists!) without my besties who are alive but dead !!! ]

5. Of the worst I loose my appetite most the time and can be called a mini - Gandhian (but for no cause) :(
When it is about cuisines I cant stop me from saying that I am an Anti-DOSAist  !!!

6.Gets tempered with the never cleaned roads , rooms and rumors ! :-) 
[ But I am happy for I can , at least make a furious glance at my siblings when they are seemed to throw their empty LAYS out to through the window-pane !!!]

7.Day by day getting annoyed with the ' Non stop - Non senses ' of recent medias ! [ I wish I had the right to censor those ' No Sense Rock(* fine) Arts !!!]

Random made me feel good !!! I had never known that I could do this !!
Great Changes are afoot ........ !!!

Now Its My Honour to declare the fellow bloggers who I am goin to share this award with......

>>       Room  For Romance         പ്രിയസഘി      Just The Cheese     Part And Parcel Of My Life  <<

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